Medical Evaluation

Head to Toe Evaluation & Treatement

Expert Medical Evaluations are available to children in need of care. Child abuse is a unique issue as it not only causes mental health trauma, but can also leave physical scars. Because of this, the DCAC offers specialized medical evaluations and follow up to families to identify, treat and heal not only medical trauma (i.e. STD’s, fractures, pregnancy), but to also provide referrals and medical care to kids that might not otherwise seek or receive services. The DCAC has specially trained providers who conduct a well-child check-up, including referrals for follow up on immunizations and dental care.

When is a medical evaluation needed?

Any child or adolescent who discloses abuse may be referred for a medical evaluation.  Regardless of how long ago the assault occurred, it is important that child and adolescent victims receive a check up to ensure that they are healthy.

It is also important that child and adolescent victims attend all follow up doctors’ appointment. Timely evaluations are particularly important for sexual abuse that occurred within the past 72 hours.  In these cases, the medical provider may obtain evidence gathered from the evaluation if appropriate.

How can I prepare my child for the medical evaluation?

Caregivers are welcome to be in the room with the child if that is the child’s preference.  While most children want their caregivers in with them, some children, especially teenagers, prefer privacy. The medical evaluations are specifically tailored to the nature of the allegation and sensitive to each child’s emotional and physical state.

What happens after the medical evaluation?

The medical provider will follow up with the caregiver regarding any findings of your child’s medical evaluation and any follow up that needs to happen.  In addition, the medical provider will communicate the results of the evaluation to team members as required by the laws of North Dakota.