Better Together Projects

Family activities that help child-parent connections

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

You can help plant the seeds of change this April and beyond.

Just like plants need good soil to grow, positive childhood experiences in nurturing environments provide fertile ground for physical and mental health, learning, and social skills to flourish.
It is more important than ever to help positive childhood experiences take root in your community and across the country.
Mobilize your community and take action—so all of us are #GrowingBetterTogether!

Prevent Child Abuse 2021 Campaign:
Growing Better Together

Visit PCA’s website to read more about 2021’s campaign for Child Abuse Prevention Month

2021 Take & Makes

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Watch the video below each project, as Miss Sparkles reads a book associated with that Take & Make

Worry Monster

Helps kids manage their worries by teaching them to let them go of them.

Listening Ears

Teaches the coping skills of empathy and listening instead of trying to find solutions to problems when others are struggling.

Chore Door Hanger

Teaches children executive functioning skills in completing a task. The visual reminder shows them the expectations and helps them keep track of what has already been accomplished.

Listening To My Body

Teaches the child to recognize where in their bodies they experience their emotions so that they can use skills to calm their bodies down.

Past Take & Makes

Click any Take & Make below to view and download each project

Calm Down Jars

To help kids relax and calm down.

Caught Being Good Jar

Helps with behavior management of kids and helps parents pay attention to positive behaviors.

Chore Chart

Helping kids with executive functioning skills.

Gratitude Cards

Helping kids learn gratitude and empathy.