In 2023 the DCAC Provided Services





were 12 years old and under


of children were sexually abused

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The average cost of gas for a family traveling to the DCAC for services. The DCAC gives for $1000 worth of gas cards to families each year
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$250/mth or $3,000/yr

The amount it costs to provide snacks and drinks to children and families coming to the DCAC. This includes 4000 bottles of water, 2000 juice boxes and 6000 individually packaged peanut free snacks
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The cost of providing a parent group to help them cope with what has happened and to teach them skills to help them and their child
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The amount it costs to provide a family of four a meal after traveling to the DCAC. Every year the DCAC provides meal cards to about 30 families
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The amount it costs to provide body safety education to 100 kids. The DCAC provides prevention to approximately 2000 kids a year


The amount it costs to provide evidence based trauma counseling to 1 child. The DCAC provides over 2000 counseling sessions to abused children each year free of charge to them and their families

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