• Developmentally inappropriate
  • Could be illegal per local and/or national statutes
  • Potentially harmful to self or others
  • “Problem Sexual Behavior” is not a diagnosis.  However, it is a clinically concerning set of behaviors.  These behaviors could be a symptoms of a diagnosis (e.g., ADHD, PTSD, ODD, CD, etc.)

Examples of Problem Sexual Behaviors

  • Child who sexually touch themselves to the point of damage or harm.
  • Children who often “peek” on others
  • Sexual interactions that range from inappropriate touch to intercourse
  • Sexual behaviors that involve force or aggression

Guidelines for Determining if Sexual Behaviors are a Problem

High FrequencyExcludes Normal Childhood ActivitiesUnresponsive (i.e., does not decrease) to Typical Parenting Strategies
Among Youth of Significantly Different Ages/Developmental AbilitiesLonger in Duration than Developmentally ExpectedInterferes with Social Development
Intrusive BehaviorsUse of Force, Intimidations, and/or CoercionElicits Fear or Anxiety in Other Children

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