To help reduce stress, we use a multidisciplinary team approach. This team is made up of professionals who are experts in their fields, and work together to share resources and minimize trauma to children.

Law Enforcement


Social Services


Mental Health


The DCAC is specially designed to feel safe and welcoming to people of all ages. While at the DCAC, the child and caregiver will meet with an expert who will get to know him/her and will gather information in a way that is neutral, supportive and developmentally appropriate. If services like counseling or medical evaluations are needed, our staff and multidisciplinary team will help to coordinate those services and make referrals as necessary.

The DCAC is a safe and supportive place where abuse concerns can be explored. The DCAC is special, because we exist solely to provide a CHILD-FOCUSED approach to the investigation of suspected abuse. We want to reduce as much stress as possible for the child and family.

“The Dakota Children’s Advocacy Center is an invaluable tool
for me to conduct productive investigations.”