You can make referrals to any of the services we offer. To make a referral, call us at (701) 323-5626. Appointments will be made for the earliest opening.

When you call, please have this available:

  • Name and Contact information for MDT members including Law Enforcement and Social Service providers attending the interview
  • Name, address, phone number and date of birth for:
    • The child
    • The parent/custodian
    • The alleged perpetrator

Families are never charged for services we provide. Third party payees, Crime Victim’s Compensation funds, and other funding sources will be accessed.

Crime Victim’s Compensation is a program of the state of North Dakota. To access Crime Victim’s funds, a victim must have been a victim of a crime and cooperated with law enforcement. Charging or prosecution of the crime is not required. We depend on this funding to provide services at no charge to the family.

For the safety of the families we see, convicted and adjudicated sex offenders are only allowed at our location after case consultation to determine the appropriateness of their presence.


The Ronald McDonald House is available to the families for an overnight stay, free of charge. Advance reservations are required. Please make reservations through us at (701) 323-5626.